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Window Replacement

Custom WindowsThere are many reasons a homeowner may be looking at a window replacement installation.  One of the top reasons may be for energy efficiency.  Perhaps you’re looking to replace the drafty windows you currently have that are letting in cold weather air or alternatively allowing air-conditioning to escape on hot summer days. Maybe windows with a southern exposure could benefit with reflective characteristics or double (or triple panes) that not only stop temperatures from coming in but also protect furniture, curtains or flooring from fading.  And, if you control your house by phone or computer, new windows could provide the locking or monitoring features you are looking for.  If you have ever scraped and the painted windows, you know that is something you’ll never want to do again.  Make sure you take advantage of starting a window replacement installation before repeating that challenge.

The first step into getting replacement windows can be daunting as the options appear endless between materials, styles, colors and more.  Door & Window Gallery can help you get started on your window replacement project by guiding you through the options that best fit your needs.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are often selected because of their sleek style and the fact they fit into many existing window pockets.  This can make the window replacement process easier. Depending on the choices you select, they can have the additional benefits of wind resistant, safety, security and more.  For larger size windows or for multi-family dwellings, aluminum windows may be preferred as they are lighter weight with stronger structural integrity.

One difference from vinyl is that aluminum can be painted to match your houses aesthetics.  Or, aluminum can be powder coating to match the colors you are looking for.  And, if you ever want to change the colors in the future, you can repaint if you desire. 

Custom Windows

Window Replacement

Custom windows are a great option for any homeowner looking to match their current style or to create windows as a custom feature.  Custom window styles homeowners prefer in craftsman or older homes aren’t typically available as part of standard window designs.  However, this doesn’t mean you can have them. Imagine the character of older homes but in the size house that fits your family and lifestyle. 

With custom windows, we are only limited by your imagination.  Whether you have something in mind or your designer or architect has come up with windows that will perfectly complement your home, we can find them for you.

Some of the options of custom windows include special sizes such as unique pictures windows, custom color options, decorative edging, and inserts or various pane designs.  You can look through our online gallery or come down to our store to see more.  Even if you don’t currently have what you are looking for, our relationships with manufacturers allow us a wide reach when it comes to finding your perfect custom windows. 

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