Residential Doors, Window Replacement, Sliding Doors, and French Doors in Woodland Hills, CA

Residential Doors in Woodland Hills, CA

Did you know that the average Woodland Hills home has 3 exterior doors and 14 interior doors? These residential doors present opportunities to upgrade the appearance inside and outside your home. Window replacements may provide a host of additional benefits, such as UV ray protection and insulation attributes that help your home maintain its optimal comfortable temperature. And if you are looking for a way to make your home feel bigger, adding sliding doors or french doors are the answer. We can’t wait to help you design, update, replace or install the perfect residential door, replacement window, sliding door or french door for your home.

Home Window Replacement Services

Not all windows are the same, and you may have some windows that are not the standard size. Or you might have the desire for a special window in your home. No matter the reason, Door & Window Gallery can help with custom windows that could include unique picture windows, custom color options, decorative edging, and inserts or various pane designs. And once you have your windows, trust our expert home window replacement services team to properly remove your old windows and put in your new replacement windows.

Sliding Glass Doors, and other Residential Doors in Woodland Hills, CA

Residential Doors in Woodland Hills, CA

Let the light shine in. A simple solution for adding a visual impression of more interior space, sliding glass doors offer ease of access to the outside while creating an inviting space to your backyard. The effortless glide of the sliding door provides ease while opening and neatly tucks inside the track for space-saving benefit. Also, with our amazing variety of residential doors, you can enhance any existing decor, create a totally new look in an existing home, provide an impressive entrance presentation for your guests and improve the interior aesthetic of your home. The doors we offer deliver the appearance, functionality, and affordability that makes every choice a cost-efficient option.

Woodland Hills is an upscale neighborhood located on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley of northern Los Angeles. Woodland Hills is a great, quiet area in the suburbs of Los Angeles; you will see lots of trees and grass just walking in the residential streets. Woodland Hills is close to beautiful beaches like Malibu. On Ventura Boulevard there are lively bars and gastropubs with delicious food and live music, making Woodland Hills a unique, vibrant destination in the Valley.



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